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Annexation of the study area will encourage a compact development pattern and allow the City to direct development to conform to the City’s land use plans.“page 45 of the 2013 City of Spearfish Annexation Study of Upper and Lower Valley.

Division of Lots

Currently land within 3 miles of the city can’t be subdivided below 2 acres. Once annexed the 233 acres of open Valley land can be divided down into the current minimum size of city lots which are approximately 75 feet wide by 107 feet long.

Increased Land Taxes

Your land tax rate will increase approximately 22.5% if annexed into the city. For Owner Occupied tax status that will be $16.457 per $1,000 of assessed value. Assessed values may be increased once brought into the city.


Not everyone gets the local newspapers. As a public service we will print your letters concerning annexation on our website. Letters should be brief and must be free of slanderous and or libelous comments. Click here to view our Letters page.